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Cool down Austin with green spaces. As summer temperatures rise, there is an unavoidable heat that lingers in the city long after the sun has reached its peak. The heat island effect happens as a consequence of urban development, but homeowners don’t have to suffer. Several home modifications can make any space cooler.

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6 Busted Green-Roof Myths. Green Roofs, living roofs, vegetated roofs, ecoroofs- whatever you want to call them, they are sprouting up everywhere lately, including atop residential homes. And with that increase in popularity comes general assumptions and misconceptions. For example, that green roofs are only for ecobuffs, they’re high maintenance and they’re experimental and risky. […]

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Designer Casey Boyter found a new love to combine her interest in garden design and architecture: green roofs. After a cross-country tour to explore every green roof she could find, she returned to Austin, Texas to bring green roofs to everyone. On a 250 sq ft roof on a new bunkhouse at her home, she […]

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Garden Bliss: With Native plants to woo buzzing wildlife, this rooftop gardens is the tops. Homeowner Maria Robinson is lucky. She ¬†gets to enjoy her rooftop garden from sun up to sun down. In the early morning, she brings her youngest child, 2-year-old Ella, to sit and watch the butterflies. In the afternoon, 5-year-old Lydia […]